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The Residential Specialist is responsible for providing residential customers with a complete tree care service, including tree removal, trimming and pruning, fertilizing and spraying, stump grinding and tree planting


The  Commercial team is responsible for the care and maintenance of trees on commercial properties. This includes tree trimming, fertilization, pest control, and other services

Tree Service Virginia USA

Why You Should Get a Tree Service Inspection from a Certified Arborist

A certified arborist is the best person to get an inspection from. They are trained and have the knowledge of how trees work, what they need and how to properly maintain them. This is why you should get a tree service inspection from a certified arborist before you make any decisions about your trees.

What is the best way to protect your trees from fire damage?

The best way to protect your trees from fire damage is to make sure they are away from any sources of fire. This means that you have to make sure that you have a clear space around your trees.

How to prevent a damaged tree from affecting your home

If you notice that a tree on your property is damaged, call an arborist to assess the damage and recommend a course of action. If the tree is on public property, call your local Parks and Recreation Department.

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Our Services

Tree Removal

The Tree Removal Specialist will be responsible for safely and efficiently removing trees from residential and commercial properties. This includes the removal of all branches, roots, and stumps.

Tree Pruning

  • The Tree Pruner is responsible for the maintenance of trees on a property. This includes trimming and removing branches, as well as removing dead or diseased trees.

Tree Treeming

Is responsible for trimming trees and bushes in a safe and efficient manner. This includes using the appropriate tools, such as chainsaws, loppers, and pruners. The Tree Trimmer also ensures that all debris is removed from the work area.

Stump Grinding

The job of a stump grinder is to grind stumps and roots that are left over after a tree is cut down. This is done by cutting the roots and stumps into small pieces and grinding them with a machine. The ground up pieces are then removed from the area.

Tree Care

  • The Tree Care Worker is responsible for the maintenance of trees in the public and private sectors. The worker will be responsible for tasks such as pruning, fertilizing, watering, and general maintenance of trees.


The certified tree service professional is responsible for the removal and/or pruning of all trees and shrubs, with the exception of fruit or nut trees, on residential and commercial properties.

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  • Z&M Tree Service is a specialist tree care company that provides both residential and commercial tree services to the Northern Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland area, always tree service near you.


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We’re a tree service company that is certified and insured. We do the job right the first time.

“I have been with this company for many years, and they offer a wide range of services. They are one of the most reputable tree merchants in the area and have serviced my copmany for over three years now. I highly recommend them!”

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“I'm not a huge fan of tree removal. But I am a huge fan of Z&M Tree Service's low prices and top-notch customer service. I had never used the service before but they were recommended to me by my friend. They offer free estimates and have always been responsive to my needs , I never have to wait long for them to get back in”

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